I have been diving in Perth for many years now and have from time to time come across people who report pain from their teeth while diving. This is usually followed soon after by a Facebook argument of the possible cause culminating in experts (every man and his dog) reporting things such as exploding teeth […]

Mendelsohn Dental on Royal is a Preferred provider with Medibank Private. This is a Benefit to you as a patient because it means that you are is entitled to 100% back on at least one dental check-up & clean annually. It also means that you can claim the maximum benefit you are entitled to throughout the year on dental […]

Mendelsohn Dental on Royal is a Registered Provider with HBF. (This means we are a Preferred Provider) Being a HBF Preferred provider means that you receive a fully covered Scale and Clean per member per calendar year.  For all other Dental services you can receive up to 90% cover (depending of the level of your […]

Ive always had a passion for cool high-tech gadgets, ever since I was a little kid. As a kid I couldn’t go anywhere without a pocket knife, torch and a walkie talkie. This love for cool gadgetry didn’t stop when I became an adult. My car is a Landcruiser with 4 spot lights, 2 led […]

Although some people don’t mind having a gap from a missing tooth in their mouth and can get on perfectly well after they have lost a tooth. There are some important facts to understand. When you don’t do anything about a missing tooth/Gap it lead to crowding in your mouth and leaning teeth, the longer […]

So what is preventative dentistry? A lot of the procedures carried out in the dental chair can actually be avoided if you’ve got really good prevention in place – so that’s why it’s so important to visit us at Mendelsohn Dental on Royal on a regular basis. Having good preventative dental care so that you can […]

We all know that brushing your childs teeth is important, but it is something we seem to forget or just put it off till tomorrow.  But we need to be helping our children to brush their teeth twice every day until they are at least 8 years of age, then hopefully by 8 they will […]

At Mendelsohn Dental on Royal we understand that sometimes Dental Emergencies arise and that they need to be dealt with as soon as possible.  We have set aside times every day to treat patients that are in pain or have suffered from dental trauma and need an Emergency Dental appointment.  If you are an existing […]