DR Mendelsohn

Dr Saul Mendelsohn: Our Dentist

Dr Saul Mendelsohn graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2007. He then moved to a rural town in the Great South West where he began pursuing his love of dentistry.

Moving back to Perth to raise his family he established Mendelsohn Dental in 2011 and spends much of his time travelling and studying to improve and grow his family business. Outside of dentistry he spends much of his time diving around perth or playing with his two young kids.

Heidi: Our Practise Manager

After a few years at home dedicated to raising her two young children Heidi re-joined the workforce as practise manager of Mendelsohn Dental on Royal. Heidi’s wealth of experience in management and customer service is a welcome addition to the team. Heidi has a background in Health and Anatomy as well as a high school teacher and year co-coordinator at several W.A. schools.

Rosie: Dental Assistant

Rosie has a broad background working with a variety of specialists at the dental hospital. She uses her extensive knowhow to make every visit efficient, reliable and fun.

Tarryn: Dental Assistant

Tarryn is our dental therapist-in-training. She currently works as our dental assistant but can’t wait until she graduates and can get more hands on with patients of her very own.

Harmony: Dental Assistant

Harmony is the newest addition to our team and loves the variety of procedures here at Mendelsohn dental on Royal. Whether it’s making the new patient experience warm and friendly or making your appointment fly by, harmony has a gift with putting patients at ease with a warm smile.